Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lifetime Experience

Time flies so fast.. It's only a mere of days left to finish up my Intership..
I felt relieved I've gone through supervision smoothly..
I'm happy I've survived that nerve-wrecking phase.

But it was indeed very precious and quite sentimental to me..
Because, it'll be the last time for Mama to supervise me..
After that, I'll be on my own.
No one to tell what's right or what's wrong.
What's the best action or what to avoid.
It's to up me, my experience and the knowledge from my lecturers that will guide me..
Kinda scary to think that I'll be on my own..
But I have to grow and I have to move on..

When I think back about it, Internship had really taught me a lot.
Whatever I've learnt all these years started to make sense..
Now I know the value of experience..
How precious it is that it could make a person grow so much in a mere 4 months.

I'm going to miss this phase of my life..
And I thank all the people around me in this period of time for giving me a lifetime experience that I'll never forget.
Thank you so much ~_^


Jam.Saili said...

Congrats Phadee!!! accomplishing and completing the internship, wow, that's an achievement, syukur alhamdulillah.
Anyway, I'm glad that you appreciate and value the experience you got from the internship, we were there once and that's exactly how we felt, so, eventough it's been 'killing' you people from the beginning, that's the price you have to pay to be a dedicated, professional, creditable and experienced counselor, job well done, bravo!!!!!

Zuraidah said...

It felt good wasn't it to get over the trying phase of your training. I am glad you felt good about it after the stress, the groan and the despair. You will be doing well, just have confidence in what you choose to do. I have enjoyed supervising and interacting with all my students and hope you benefit from it. Good luck.

PhaDee said...

Thank u pn jam! thank u mama!
this experience have indeed brought a new light in my life. and i am so grateful to have had such wonderful lecturers to guide me.
Many thanks to u and all my dearest lecturers! ~_^