Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So cute!

I just couldn't resist. They're so cute! My boo gave me the big kuma kuma. really really huggable. And now i've found d little ones too ~_^ kawaii!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hye y'all!!

It's already March and things aren't improving much for my Internship. Except for individual counseling, the rest are still rather slow.. It is damn stressful during the weekdays.

However, it so happens that every weekend is like a holiday to us.. Went to melaka for Ms. Azura'a wedding Mrs. Azura by now..hehehe), Went for numerology course in Selayang, stayed at my aunts condo and went swimming with cik eja.. feels like holiday. or maybe it's just us >_<

anyway, it's good to have these opportunities once in a while. knowing very well that i easily stress myself, i could probably take these 'breaks' as a motivation.

so to all my friends, do spare some time for yourself.
>have a laugh,
>get quality sleep,
>exercise (miss aida is being a very good role model ~_^)
>and always be positive..

even how bleak and pitch dark your current situation is, always remember that we control our own path and success.. if our seniors can do it, so can we. ^_^