Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kawin Kawin..

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera..

Berzaman rasanya tak update blog ni. Bukan apa, takde idea dah nak tulis apa. Dah dok leka ngan FB, langsung tak ingat kat blog.. sian blog.. ;(

Tapi hari ni,tiba-tiba rasa nak update. Knape? Coz dah banyak sangat tengok blog weddings n 'bride to be', rasa cam best plak nak start writing balik ^_^.

Nak crita apa lagi, kalo tak lain tak bukan pasal nak kawin la.. hehehe..
Tak sangka.. dah sampai seru rupanya D nak kawin.. pejam celik pejam celik... tinggal lbh kurang 3 bulan je lagi.. adoi.. nervousnya..

Preparation.. maybe separuh dah settle.. yang besar2 insyaAllah beres.. tang yang kecik-kecik tu yang wat pening kepala.. doorgift, bilik pengantin, pelamin nikah, guest book.. etc etc.. kalau dah namanya perempuan, datang je bab-bab kawin mesti nak beria. sekali seumur hiduplah katakan ;p

Tapi, yang buat D nervous gile nih.. pasal jemputan.. huhuhu.. Mama & papa nak buat sit down dinner. It's a good idea to me too.. Cumanya, camane nak sellect orang untuk dijemput? kot jemput orang ni, tertinggal orang tu, kot-kot ada yang terasa hati.. haiyo.. risau beb.

D salute betul kat bride to be's yang enjoy sangat pasal bab-bab kawin ni.. best je tengok dalam blog diorang crita pasal preparations yang diorang buat.. untung jugak kat D. banyak dapat inspiration ^_^

Selain memikirkan pasal preparation, D sebenarnya lebih banyak berfikir pasal apa yang akan jadi lepas kawin nanti.. Sebab D akan pindah ke Sarawak, stay dengan bakal suami. Jauh dari mama, papa & my family ;(

Kalau orang lain maybe diorang excited sebab dah kawin, dah ada life sendiri. Tapi untuk D, masih banyak lagi perasaan berbelah bahagi.. Kesian plak nak tinggalkan mama sorang-sorang :( Dengan siapalah mama nak sembang-sembang kalau D pindah nanti.. Ish, kalau boleh nak je D sambungkan Semenanjung ngan Sarawak jadi satu benua.. senang nak balik rumah..hehehe.. (very childish of me >_<)

Apa-apa pun, I'm praying for the best. D harap, wedding preparation ni akan berjalan lancar n D dapat enjoy dengan experience ni.. insyaAllah..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dah Kerja ^_^

Alhamdulillah, D dah dapat kerja ~_^ thanks to all yang bagi support selama. Actually dah nak dekat 3 bulan dah D kerja as HR Junior Officer dekat recruitment company kat Subang. Not actually my field, tapi bolehlah. I had fun ~_^. My officemates pun semua ok. My contract dah nak habis actually on September 11, tapi most probably will extend.

I've learnt a lot. Mula-mula masuk keje tu nervous gak. Tak tahu apa benda pun recruitment tu. Paling tak suka bila kena call orang. Huhu. Tapi lama-lama oklah. Kat sana buat keje macam-macam. Since I have some experience handling programs before, I was given the task to do sort of Motivation Trainings for the factory workers. Travel sampai Bangi tu nak buat training. Hehe.

Banyak juga suka-duka walaupun baru 3 bulan. Macam-macam orang dah jumpa. Start kerja ni jugak D belajar the value of money. Kalau tak selama ni menadah kat mak bapak je, senang-senang dapat. Hehehe.

D dapat tau ramai gak kawan-kawan lain yang dah kerja. I wish u all the best and may you'll eventually pursue the career of your dream ~_^. Untuk kawan-kawan lain yang belum dapat kerja pula, don't lose hope. God is Almighty. He surely have big plans for you guys. ^_^.

Hopefully we can all meet again someday. Buatlah reunion!! Rindu bangat! Hehe..

~Lots of Love to everyone~

Friday, May 29, 2009

What To Do?

It has just been 2 days since I've done nothing else but surfing the net and look for jobs. I was so engrossed with it that I wasn't aware of the time. I'm not sure if I'm being paranoid, but I'm starting to worry if I don't get any jobs soon. I'll feel like a total loser.
Initially, I wanted to further my studies and take my Masters. I've been trying to do so since early Internship but my work always gets in the way. Alas, I missed most of the deadlines for this year's intake for the IPTAs. I was mad at myself for not grabing the chance at the right time. It took me a few hours to recover from that frustration. I hope to find some other places, maybe oversea. But for the mean time, it's so obvious I need a job to fill my time.
My anxiousness doesn't end there. Some of my classmates already got a job right after we finish our Internship. Others are catching up. Yes, people would say "everyone will get their chance, it's just a matter of time". Time. Such a word that sends a chill up my spine. >_<
Until now, I've went to the jobfair, send resumes, search online, went for interviews (almost, but we were rejected because we haven't received our transcript) and even applied for temporary teacher. And it'll probably be my main activity for the mean time.
Honestly, I've never worked before except for my Intership in Klang Hospital. So all this extra time I have at the moment really bugs. If there's any sugestions, comments and information regarding this dilemma I'm having, I would really, really appreciate it.
Thanks :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Love is such a strange feeling..

At times it makes a person feels like walking through the clouds. At other times, it could hurt so much like a stab straight into your heart. No matter how hurtful love can be when two souls are apart, they'll still hold on to it. With hopes that one day, they'll reunite again, as one.

That's how I felt all this while. A feeling I've anticipated long before we have to seperate, geographically. It gets even tougher when we are miles apart now. No more having breakfast together, seeing each others faces, going to movies, going to classes together.. all routines halted, and we have to realign our lives to a long distance relationship.

It was terrible at first. I hated to be so far away from him. But there's nothing I could do about it. As time pass, I regain my strength. Part of it is because I had my Internship, and another part of it is because he had helped me along the way as well. He came down to KL twice, once was a week after I came back here, and another one was in February, on my birthday. God knows how happy I was to see him. ^_^

So this time, after we've finished our Internship, it's suppose to be my turn to go Kuching.. But, things didn't work out the we planned. I couldn't go due to some circumstances. It was really hard, both for him and me. I just have to accept that I'll only be seeing him in August, during my convocation, adding another 3 months to see my beloved Boo.. I was so sad.. I felt even more terrible that I could not keep to my words..

When I thought that I just have to bear with in and be patience, my dearest Boo took the initiative. Since I couldn't go, he'll come to see me, in KL. I WAS SO HAPPY!! ^_^ He was so sweet!! Although it would cost him a lot, he put that aside. As long as we could meet, that's all that matters.. I really really appreciate it..

We had a wonderful holiday together, from 23rd till 26th May. Though it was short, it was the sweetest moments that I had with him. We made a point to cherish each waking moments we had together. It was really wonderful. I felt complete to have him by my side ~_^

I dreaded seperation. I was really bad at goodbyes. But somehow, this time, it was not as hard as how it use to be. I think I had mature a bit, and I had to thank him as well for making this long-distance relationship such a positive thing for us. Thank you Sham ~_^

I'm looking forward to see him again, insyaAllah in another 3 months time..
To my dearest boo, I will always love you and miss you so much.. (^.^)

Tamek windu n cayang kitak besha gilak!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another World

It's been a long time since I've read anything that's small and thick..
I love to read, but I didn't make reading novels or fictions as a habit these few years.
Too much other 'important' things to read.
And when I'm so exhausted of reading for studies, I shift to magazines.
I'm not a bookworm per se.
I just enjoyed collecting knowledge from reading.
Sadly, I hadn't widen my horizon to read autobiographies, novels or anything fictional for the past few years.
But my trip to the International Book Fair last Sunday changed my days.
It was my first time there.
My eyes landed on a couple of novels that I've been eyeing for so long.
I've never bought novels for myself.
I borrowed most of the time.
But this time, I felt the urge to buy them.
It's 30% off anyway, so it's a good deal ~_^
When I started reading,
I realized how much I've missed this world.
The imaginative world that I've left all this years to be replaced by movies and soap dramas.
I do love movies, no doubt. But there's something about reading that brings you even beyond what movies can provide.
It let's your imagination runs wild and brings you to another world
that you wouldn't have dream of.
It also leaves a trail of emotion so captivating
that you'll even flip the pages again to embrace the emotion..
And for me, it's a method of escapism from the real world.
An escape route short enough to bring back life into me
and made my day even more meaningful..
It was truely worth it ~_^

Lifetime Experience

Time flies so fast.. It's only a mere of days left to finish up my Intership..
I felt relieved I've gone through supervision smoothly..
I'm happy I've survived that nerve-wrecking phase.

But it was indeed very precious and quite sentimental to me..
Because, it'll be the last time for Mama to supervise me..
After that, I'll be on my own.
No one to tell what's right or what's wrong.
What's the best action or what to avoid.
It's to up me, my experience and the knowledge from my lecturers that will guide me..
Kinda scary to think that I'll be on my own..
But I have to grow and I have to move on..

When I think back about it, Internship had really taught me a lot.
Whatever I've learnt all these years started to make sense..
Now I know the value of experience..
How precious it is that it could make a person grow so much in a mere 4 months.

I'm going to miss this phase of my life..
And I thank all the people around me in this period of time for giving me a lifetime experience that I'll never forget.
Thank you so much ~_^

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Yeay yeay dah habis kena supervise oleh mama!! ~_^
Best Best Best!!

Tak tahulah macam mana nak explain rasa best ni. Rasa lega sangat.
Semuanya berjalan dengan baik selama 2 hari walaupun ada masalah sedikit tentang ahli kelompok. Mama ada point out kekurangan tapi biasalah, kita takkan jadi perfect.
And I was happy that mama did point it out. At least I know where I should improve.
Thanks MAMA ~_^

Kata-kata Mama sangat memberi semangat kepada saya.
Saya tau Mama dah tak garang sangat lagi sekarang (dia garang dalam kelas je..hehehe),
tapi rasa nervous tu nak tunggu dia datang..
Pergh! Boleh tahan gak. >_<

I think I'm expecting too much from myself.. Takut sangat nak buat salah..
Bak kata Mama "So What?"
Betul gak. So what kalau kita buat salah? Bukannya kita kena hukum gantung pun kan?
Kita buat salah, lepas tu kita dapat belajar dari kesilapan kita.
Kita dapat pengalaman baru.

So, moral of the story, Don't be afraid to do mistakes
and Don't beat yourself up when you did.
It happens.
So appreciate it and and you'll learn a lot from yourself.. ~_^