Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another World

It's been a long time since I've read anything that's small and thick..
I love to read, but I didn't make reading novels or fictions as a habit these few years.
Too much other 'important' things to read.
And when I'm so exhausted of reading for studies, I shift to magazines.
I'm not a bookworm per se.
I just enjoyed collecting knowledge from reading.
Sadly, I hadn't widen my horizon to read autobiographies, novels or anything fictional for the past few years.
But my trip to the International Book Fair last Sunday changed my days.
It was my first time there.
My eyes landed on a couple of novels that I've been eyeing for so long.
I've never bought novels for myself.
I borrowed most of the time.
But this time, I felt the urge to buy them.
It's 30% off anyway, so it's a good deal ~_^
When I started reading,
I realized how much I've missed this world.
The imaginative world that I've left all this years to be replaced by movies and soap dramas.
I do love movies, no doubt. But there's something about reading that brings you even beyond what movies can provide.
It let's your imagination runs wild and brings you to another world
that you wouldn't have dream of.
It also leaves a trail of emotion so captivating
that you'll even flip the pages again to embrace the emotion..
And for me, it's a method of escapism from the real world.
An escape route short enough to bring back life into me
and made my day even more meaningful..
It was truely worth it ~_^

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