Thursday, May 28, 2009


Love is such a strange feeling..

At times it makes a person feels like walking through the clouds. At other times, it could hurt so much like a stab straight into your heart. No matter how hurtful love can be when two souls are apart, they'll still hold on to it. With hopes that one day, they'll reunite again, as one.

That's how I felt all this while. A feeling I've anticipated long before we have to seperate, geographically. It gets even tougher when we are miles apart now. No more having breakfast together, seeing each others faces, going to movies, going to classes together.. all routines halted, and we have to realign our lives to a long distance relationship.

It was terrible at first. I hated to be so far away from him. But there's nothing I could do about it. As time pass, I regain my strength. Part of it is because I had my Internship, and another part of it is because he had helped me along the way as well. He came down to KL twice, once was a week after I came back here, and another one was in February, on my birthday. God knows how happy I was to see him. ^_^

So this time, after we've finished our Internship, it's suppose to be my turn to go Kuching.. But, things didn't work out the we planned. I couldn't go due to some circumstances. It was really hard, both for him and me. I just have to accept that I'll only be seeing him in August, during my convocation, adding another 3 months to see my beloved Boo.. I was so sad.. I felt even more terrible that I could not keep to my words..

When I thought that I just have to bear with in and be patience, my dearest Boo took the initiative. Since I couldn't go, he'll come to see me, in KL. I WAS SO HAPPY!! ^_^ He was so sweet!! Although it would cost him a lot, he put that aside. As long as we could meet, that's all that matters.. I really really appreciate it..

We had a wonderful holiday together, from 23rd till 26th May. Though it was short, it was the sweetest moments that I had with him. We made a point to cherish each waking moments we had together. It was really wonderful. I felt complete to have him by my side ~_^

I dreaded seperation. I was really bad at goodbyes. But somehow, this time, it was not as hard as how it use to be. I think I had mature a bit, and I had to thank him as well for making this long-distance relationship such a positive thing for us. Thank you Sham ~_^

I'm looking forward to see him again, insyaAllah in another 3 months time..
To my dearest boo, I will always love you and miss you so much.. (^.^)

Tamek windu n cayang kitak besha gilak!


Jenice 小美 said...

haha Padee.. sham's pic really cute.. so good have such a cute bf..
i believe that long distance relationship is very challenging.. and i believe that u both able to overcome it..
gambateh.. love n miss u all much..
i read his blog too.. very touch with ur love story.. macam baca novel saja.. hehe..

PhaDee said...

hehe.. thank u so much jenice.. i miss u 2, damn much!
now it's even more challenging coz we're gonna head different paths. no more students.huhu.. anyway, faith and love conquers all ~_^..
jenice, wen r u gonna write ur love story..i want 2 read... hehehe

an aida said...

this is a great tme for both of u appreciate ur love.
i pray for hepy ending in ur sweet couple rltnship.
miz u lor..:)

PhaDee said...

hehe.. thank u aida ~_^..
indeed it's a very challenging time for us.. i hope i'l ge an 'invitation' fom u soon. org yg melamar dah ada.. hehehe.. i miss u 2!! ~_^

Jenice 小美 said...

ha padee, my love story not yet begin and i wonder when is the days will come?? so... just wait n see ya.. haha..