Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shutting down

Actually, right now is not a really good time for blogging. There's loads of work to be done. But hell, I'm in the mood for it, so what I care.. hehehe..

It's been about Internship and missing my friends on and on.. and yeah, that's what my life is revolving around right now. I do miss them, but I am moving on. I'm gonna meet some of them anyway this Friday for a whole day program at SMT Shah Alam. My boo is coming down to KL on my birthday (I'm so looking forward to it ~_^). And InsyaAllah, me and my other classmates will attend a lecturers' wedding on the following day at Melaka.

So lets change the topic. Why do I consider myself a dreamer? Because I dream a lot? (duh) hehehe..

Well, I used to be a really quiet girl. I don't have sisters and I was thought to stay indoors most of the time. So most of the time, I played on my own. When i think about it, my world actually revolved around books (and TV of course). I love stories, encyclopedias, myths, fantasies and fun facts about things around me. Once, I was even called as the walking dictionary, but that's a different story. Quite a nerd huh? But try as I might, I still love books. Any books. It's a seasonal thing. Like right now, I'm really enjoying reading back all the counseling theories, Counseling strategies and stuff. But I couldn't spend the whole time reading, there's still a lot of work to be done. And that's the whole point of reading, to apply it in real life.

Okay, back to the top. Why am I a dreamer? Why don't i call myself a reader? The answer; reading to me is a source, dreaming is a manifestation of what you think and feel, consciously and unconsciously towards that source. That's one of the reason I love reading fantasies and myths. It just feeds your imagination and gives you whole new perspective about your world.

Dreamers are mostly idealistics, which is a bit of a problem when it surpasses being realistic. So the best bet is, be in balance. Be a realist when your dealing with logic, and be an idealist when you have the chance to embrace your imagination. By the end of the day, you'll might be able explore a whole new world of your own and make your life even more colourful..


Jam.Saili said...

salam phadee...all the best in yr internship, miss u all too but I'm glad and proud of counselling students who stand by each other and help each other, keep up the good spirit and stay strong! pn jem

PhaDee said...

Thank you pn jam ~_^
it's really nice to hear from u.. hehehe.. honestly internship has been really hard for me. too many things i couldn't do. but then again, can't let it put my spirit down ~_^.. i'm still working hard n hopefully i finish everything on time.. InsyaAllah..
I wish you all the best too! ~_^