Thursday, February 5, 2009

Miss your faces..


It's been a long time since i post anything here. There's so many things to tell, but so little time to spare.

So far, my Internship is going well. It's just that we're a bit behind our schedule. Hopefully we could catch up and finish this whole thing in time.

Today I feel... sad. I miss my life in Uni. I miss my friends. I miss going to class. I miss the commotion my friends make in class, like 'pasar malam'. I miss seeing their faces. I miss seeing those smiles.I miss working with them, although it could be awfully stressful at times. But when I think about it, it's the most enjoyable time I had with them.

Last week, Friday 30th January, we had a meeting for all Interns in Semenanjung. Boy I was so happy meeting them! It's just like in class. Everybody was so cheerful, sharing stories and experiences. It's like we never parted. The bond was still so tight. It could have been merrier if all of us were there, but another half is in Sarawak.

And there's also Mama (Prof Madya Zuraidah). My most respected lecturer, now our internship supervisor. She's still the same. And I'm glad she is coz I miss her 'bebel' so much.. hehehe.. She gave us a more detailed guidance about our internship. Although some might think she's very rigid and strict, to me she's just being concern and caring about her children, just like a mother. And that's why I'm so comfortable to confide her for anything (but I'm still a bit scared sometimes..hehehe).

From the outside, most of us still look the same. only a little chubbier or skinnier..hehehe.. But when we share our experiences for the past one month, it made me realize we've grown up a lot. Each and everyone of us have our own story. Each and everyone have gone through different kinds of hurdles. Which eventually made us quite a different person inside. But in the same time, there's still something that remained the same: the warmth that we have when we're together..

One day, we will all go our seperate ways. One day, our path might not cross at all. But do remember, we've all come from the same place. And that place had mould us to become who we are today. And that place had also brought us together.

I really really miss all of you.. Can't wait to see you all again..


Jenice said...

hi padee... nice to hear that u miss us... ha ha.. i should be included right?
yeah.. i miss the campus life too..
currently feel so stress because all my plan cant go smooth as what i expected...
just finish crying coz feel too much stress and worry...
what to do? need to good to manage it and never give up...
i believe i can make it.. and u too ya.. gambateh

PhaDee said...

hi jenice! yeah i really miss ur cute smile hehehe..
i think we're all going thru d same problem..stressed with this internship thing.. boo hoo hoo..
anyway, i'm sure we can go thru this, n i'm u can too ~_^ we're counseling students maa.. hehehe..
thanks ya. n i wish u all d best 2!!

Zuraidah said...

I heard a lot of sigh of frustration about internship. I know it is tough but your seniors have gone thru it and now can proudly said they did it and proud of themselves. Internship trains you to the real world.
Believe me, after you all go thru this, you'll laugh feeling grateful and miss the hectic and pressured life.
Good luck to you and to all Unimas interns. You know all of you have the substance to succeed.
You can't get away from my bebel. Read my blog and you know what I mean.