Friday, May 29, 2009

What To Do?

It has just been 2 days since I've done nothing else but surfing the net and look for jobs. I was so engrossed with it that I wasn't aware of the time. I'm not sure if I'm being paranoid, but I'm starting to worry if I don't get any jobs soon. I'll feel like a total loser.
Initially, I wanted to further my studies and take my Masters. I've been trying to do so since early Internship but my work always gets in the way. Alas, I missed most of the deadlines for this year's intake for the IPTAs. I was mad at myself for not grabing the chance at the right time. It took me a few hours to recover from that frustration. I hope to find some other places, maybe oversea. But for the mean time, it's so obvious I need a job to fill my time.
My anxiousness doesn't end there. Some of my classmates already got a job right after we finish our Internship. Others are catching up. Yes, people would say "everyone will get their chance, it's just a matter of time". Time. Such a word that sends a chill up my spine. >_<
Until now, I've went to the jobfair, send resumes, search online, went for interviews (almost, but we were rejected because we haven't received our transcript) and even applied for temporary teacher. And it'll probably be my main activity for the mean time.
Honestly, I've never worked before except for my Intership in Klang Hospital. So all this extra time I have at the moment really bugs. If there's any sugestions, comments and information regarding this dilemma I'm having, I would really, really appreciate it.
Thanks :)


Dosz said...

u kill those free times by blogging :)

Jenice 小美 said...

Padee, I feel the same, especially anxious when we started found that many of our friends went for interview and did not have any updated status for our job application. Somemore, feel so sad then my job application at job street become "unsuccessful"... it feel bad when we kena reject ...
but i believe that... i tak ada jodoh dengan job tu.. and we must believe.. we will get another better job in future.
gal.. i have some senior friends... they search the job that they really want for than half year, and finally they got it. so yeah.. just the timing problems.. haha.. i sound like macam tengah tunggu cinta sejati coming ya.. hehe...
mayb can simply find some job for temporary. at least got income ma right?
i had plan for further studies too.. well.. gal, don too stress n frustrated with it, even you miss it.. enjoy our life in every moment is the most important. I dislike the life full of "rush", so keep relax and enjoy our "holiday" now.. we r not "jobless", we r just tengah relax dengan holiday... cheer up gal..miss u much

Hishammudin damy said...

xpe xpe... esok esok dapat le kerja k... Dah... Pi tido...

Zuraidah said...

Hei, don't loose hope and try to have patience. It will come your way when you least expect it. The same goes to all your friends who are frantic looking for jobs. Yes, I know jobs are important and you're eager to be in the workforce, to earn a living. Meanwhile enjoy yourself while you can.Get experience, not necessarily in your field. I wish all of you the best of luck in your search for the best life.

Engelina said...
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Engelina said...

Hi Farah, i totally understand your feelings of this. Trust me you'll get the best that you have always been awaiting for. Try not to stress your self with self generated believes. Think out of the box. Take Care. Will let you know if there is an opening here. I will be the first to take you in...:)

PhaDee said...

dear jenice,
thank u so much 4 ur comment. it really really did lift up my spirit. it's nice 2 have such an understanding friend ~_^
u know, sinc u've mentioned it, i've been using ur term "holiday" a lot these days. n i do really am enjoying myself..hehehe.. when else i'll get the chance to be free like i am now ~_^..
i wish u all the best 4 ur jobhunt.. enjoy ur holiday!! hehehe.. miss u so damn much!

PhaDee said...

Thank u mama, miss engie, sham and dosz 4 ur encouraging comments ~_^.. day by day i feel a lot more optimistic about my life, n i thank all of u for helping me out..
im still in the jobhunt, but im not stressed bout it anymore. thank you so much for d emotional support. God Bless ~_^

Colorful Crystal Candy said...

Dearest Phadee,
Your time will come… trust me. :) Frustrated, tired, paranoid…etc…u named it, semua sy dah lalui. It takes times n energy to get one’…landing a job. But, along the way, u’ll learn a lot. U’ll see yourself growth. Acknowledged ur feelings. Sy hampir setiap hari keluar, pg cari keja n attend interview saje…penat, toksah cakap la kan, satu pon xlekat! Arrrrrrggghhhhh…(cite psl sy plak…heheee) Networking amat penting, keep in touch dgn kekawan yg tahu lastest jobs out there available…n jgn la plak kekawan kedekut nak sharing info. Sharing is one way to shows that u’r Caring ;) rezki bertambah murah tau, kalo kita share ni…besides, networking dgn adult yg bekerja, family, supervisor kt intern n etc… jgn berat mulut n bertanya kekalo ade post yg sesuai. By the time, apply shj mana2 post yg ade kt newspaper, website etc. by the time, kalo dpt keja part time, go for it, grab aje opportunities yg ade. Jgn memilih. Xkisah la, cashier ke, babysitter xbertauliah ke..So, u can earn some money…(sy lalui btapa agak malu utk pakai PAMA padahal dah abis blaja, wpon diaorg xkisah) utk transportation pg interview anta resume application, cybercafé, selfcare etc… byk pakai duit tau. kalo betul nak further study, planning n cari la info n pro n cons b4 decide. Sebelum sy melalut ke hal2 lain, kalo dah dapat for interview, preparation mentally n physically amat penting, get ready…n go for it! at last, ask from ur mom blessing n prays... don’t ever2 GIVE UP! U knows God will help people who’re helping themselves. All da’ BEST for U! I’ll prays for u n batch ’09 success…amin =) wasalam

ps: baru sy perasan, lmbt dah nak respond, from may, skang dah ogos. alang2 dah mnaip, sy post je.

PhaDee said...

ms. nora, many thanks 4 your comment ~_^.. it sure lift my spirit a lot. alhamdulillah i managed to get a job in HR. not really wut i had in mind but it was quite an experience. bila dah dpt 1st job, byk la pula offer lain dtg. rezeki betul2 murah.
i thank everyone who has given me the strength to go on n i pray my other friends will land a job that they like soon ~_^..
i'm considering to take my masters as well. hopefully by next year.
i wish u all the best 4 your masters and may you'll have a succesful life ahead ~_^. ganbatte!!